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The Making of "A Tribute to Neil Peart & RUSH"
  • The mic map for the kit.
  • Great overhead shot!
  • Vic Rivera and Nick Madeo - my talented production team!
  • Internally-mounted Shure Beta 91A kick drum mics.
Audio Production

An awesome video production is nothing without great audio to accompany it. So I
turned to Vic Rivera at Red V Studios in Bronx, NY for a quality recording of the

One of the challenges Vic had - well, besides various mic'ing challenges the huge
drum kit presented - was mixing the final drum mix in with the music that still had the
original drum tracks in place. Vic adeptly mixed in my drums to just cover the
original drums, while still blending well with the rest of the instrumentation. Short of
getting hold of the original multi-track master to work with, there weren't any other
options. Vic knocked it out of the park! Don't you agree?

Bonus: Vic is himself an accomplished drummer and kept me honest during the
seven, 14-plus-minutes-long takes we wound up capturing. That's always welcome
support in the studio.

In addition to the Shure Beta 91As internally-mounted in the kick drums, Vic utilized
the following mics:

- 7 Sennheiser E604s
- Shure SM57s
- 2 Shure SM81s
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