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Like so many of RUSH's fans, I've been a huge fan for many years. When I first heard Neil Peart's playing on the 2112 album, I was instantly caught up in what has turned into a lifelong obsession with his drumming style and approach to playing the drums. As an aspiring drummer, I would work to learn as many of his signature licks as accurately as possible, and RUSH's songs as close to note-for-note as I could.

In 2015, I came up with the idea of doing a tribute video to capture my favorite drumming moments, spread out over a 12-song medley of my favorite songs. My hope was to perform all of the best parts of the songs live in a studio, and all in one take. Sure sounded easy... at first!

After starting some pre-production planning, it quickly became apparent this wasn't going to be a small undertaking. Every aspect of the project had challenges, not the least of which was... the playing! I consider myself a decent drummer, but although I've been playing RUSH songs for many years, the combination of the accuracy and energy I was after was going to kick my ass. Okay, I thought... game on!

The Making of
"A Tribute to
Neil Peart & RUSH"
The Making of "A Tribute to Neil Peart & RUSH"
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